MSPs & VMS: Times Have Changed and So Have Your Options.

Posted by Sarah Burson on Oct 8, 2018 4:12:21 PM
Sarah Burson


Recently, a good friend of ours in the staffing industry posed a great question regarding traditional MSPs, or managed service providers, approaching the middle market, “Manage or Be Managed?” 

In the past, within the staffing world, hearing the letters MSP could be a cause for great dread.  Why? Because some of the first MSPs on the scene weren’t exactly playing fair; you’ve probably heard some of the horror stories regarding a few of these companies, some of which are still around today! Often the staffing companies were cut out of the loop communication-wise with their long-standing clients and forced to pay lofty fees in the process.  With increasingly thin margins already, being forced to pay additional fees to an MSP without receiving any real benefit for doing so created serious problems.

 A VMS is a great tool that can manage contingent workers through the entire cycle from employee procurement, to workforce performance, to payment for hours worked. A VMS allows for clear visibility into workforce analytics that can help identify potential problem areas, while an MSP can help you to create action plans to improve the metrics.

 An MSP implementing a VMS platform for your business is one option, depending on your goals. But, if you if you prefer to manage the process in-house, that’s an option also; you can implement VMS technology within your own HR department,  without the services of an MSP. With your own VMS program, you can easily manage your contingent workforce, directly and seamlessly.

Whatever your strategy of choice, partnering with an MSP, or handling your own program internally, VMS technology can help you to manage your contingent labor from people, to performance, to payment. Not sure where to start?  We can help connect you with one of our trusted MSP partners, or we can show you how to implement your own VMS. The choice is yours, Manage, or Be Managed.

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