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Posted by Sarah Burson on Mar 7, 2018 3:07:59 PM
Sarah Burson

Successful staffing firms know that one of the keys to success is strong, long-term client relationships. Building a solid relationship takes patience as you get to know your client’s process, needs, and pain points. It also takes time. Through due diligence and continuously going the extra mile, you become not just a solutions provider, but a trusted resource that contributes to the overall success of your client. 

Prompt, clear, and direct communication with your client is a crucial ingredient for your relationships. So what happens when an outside, third party enters the picture, situating itself uncomfortably between you and your client? Enter the MSP.

Your client wants technology. Predictive analytics and real-time dashboard reporting can significantly increase efficiency, quickly identifying problem areas within the workforce and saving your client big bucks. When an MSP providing a VMS comes along and offers this technology to your client, often at no cost, the deal can seem too good to be true. So what’s the problem?

You, not the MSP, have the client relationship. You know their specific needs. You know your candidates. Suddenly, you are forced to communicate through the MSP/VMS and as most staffing groups will attest to, a lot gets lost in translation.  Oh, and while the MSP provides this helpful new technology to your client “free” of charge, they’re actually allowing you to pick up the tab. Sound unfair? We thought so too.

Introducing Clarity VMS. With years of staffing experience, we understand the frustration of having an MSP wedge shoved in between you and your client. You’ve worked hard to build your client base and shouldn’t suffer financially or otherwise with the introduction of technology. VMS technology can be a great asset to you and your client, only we feel it should be in your hands, not those of an outside, out-of-touch third party. Protect your relationships and add value to them with your own VMS solution. It’s easier than you may think.

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